Sunday, December 28, 2014

And so it goes...

Murder Mystery @Bube's Brewery
Do NOT touch things you aren't supposed to...whoops

Just like that, the end of an era has crept up. No longer am I a student at XYZ.
Life, man.

It's been a good run, though. Interview in, much fun had in the past 3 1/2 years. Not too much complaining, except that I never did run through the fountain as was on my XYZ student bucket list! I did, however, make a hike over to see the Blue Lagoon, followed by Big Hero 6 at the new revamped cinema that features plush, leather recliners as seats and relatively inexpensive prices!

I have a job. That's scary bananas. I interviewed at two places, but having found out the first was commission-based,, thank you, good day. The second replied after 3 hours and just like that, I was employed the week after graduating.

The last of the purple locks...
I feel in limbo, however. I technically graduated December 20 and my diploma shall be coming in the mail in a few weeks, yet I have not walked yet, as XYZ only has one ceremony - in the spring. No matter, no matter... I'm walking for my friends and family, and so my Mummy can have pictures to remember this day.

No more Latin, Italian, Spanish, or Global Politics more handbells practice. First and Last Christmas at the Valley concert. I'm an old Magna Cum Laude fart.

Onto a new a brunette this time.

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