Monday, April 27, 2015

Turn down for nobody | we bring the party like

Valley Fest was a near-blur. On the go from Thursday night into Sunday morning. My Tree came over for some much needed cuddles Thursday night before we headed off to our alma mater to start the craziness that is band load-in, sound check, and the obligatory jumping around that occurs during an energetic concert.

 Small Town Titans destroying the stage. Figuratively, of course.

***And since Blogger has a [rather low] limit to their video: True Blood Cover done by the guys. Daaayum***

Do you indulge in My Sweet Super 16?? ...or whatever that show is called with all of the bratty children celebrating/terrorizing others for their milestone birthday. That part isn't important...but these wonderfully talented musicians had a song featured!!! "We Bring the Party."

DNK: check. them. out. now.

David and Tree did a mean karaoke together after the show.

So proud of this committee!! #VF2015

Saturday night's concert featured Drop Out Julian and the crowd loved them! Admire the musically-inclined specimen that make up this band, two of whom I consider great friends ^_^

We Are The In Crowd was our featured artist.
*little hs girl inside of me screaming with excitement*

Drop Out Julian's lead singer, Dean Howey, joined the stage to see with them!

*total fangirl moment*

A commander is nothing without his army. Hats off to the officers behind me who helped put on another successful year! And I lay down my President's hat, a bittersweet moment. 4 years in the club, but this year certainly went down with a bang.

Friday night may have gone out with more of a bang than Saturday, but I guess drinking 4 Grateful Deads would do that to someone....sorry, not sorry.

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