Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We ain't nothin' without friends, toots.

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do we get out of March?

Bling and braids - nice touches for work attire to jazz up my blue button-down.
March means spring which dictates brighter clothing, if not for the season, then to break up the monotony of the dulcet tones of dirty snow....

This lovely green dress makes me feel oh-so-grown up! Channeling a sliver of Jackie-O with the structure of the below-the-knee shift shape, a hint of a modern milkmaid with the braids, a dash of Cara Delevingne's bold brows, and maybe a blend of my inner stoic and pensive self... Perhaps this is what I was telling myself at the time as I lay exhausted for a moment before journaling.

Journaling is my little break from the world. There's something truly magical about physically taking pen to paper to preserve my thoughts and memories...

In this moment, I felt good about myself, powerful, on top of the world as I finally began to see my body in another light. March was a month of storms of the snowy elements and within my mind. The weight loss has been a journey as I yo-yoed with the added weight that began to tack on during my sophomore year of college.

While I feel much better after sweating my ass off [literally] definitely boosted my abysmally low self-esteem in regard to my body image, it's not about being stick thin, thick, bootilicious, boobilicious, or any variation, it's about being comfortable in your own skin. I do full-heartedly believe often the acceptance of unhealthy bodies at either spectrum can be just as damaging as shaming, wanting to improve oneself is certainly not a bad thing.

Treat yo'self. Motto of my new "dieting," which could hardly be called a diet. Spinach, tomato, and cheese omelette with barbecue sauce, Redd's strawberry ale, and French films make for an excellent balance of health and indulgence.

I've struggled with my self-control of my body and in order to reasonably obtain and maintain my goals, total deprivation is not an option.

Mum jeans. Total Mum jeans of which my Mum totally approved. Though not a goal, my legs are finally having a thigh gap carved out of them, something I had not seen since I was in single digits. More importantly, I went up a size for extra room even though they are now rather loose, a few short weeks later. This moment, this crucial moment, was rather profound for me in a way others struggling with their body image may understand...

Hellooooo, twinsie. This beauty parked next to me at Houlihan's. If you've viewed previous posts, this makes me a bit weak between the geeky knees...
My car has Chewie, Han, Leia, and Luke on the back and Vader hanging out on my driver's window.

So happy I was able to visit with my friends for their band's album release!
Friends, no matter how frequent or infrequent you see them, are one of the cruxes of life. They hold us together when times get hectic, hold our hand when we cry, and our hair when we're sick with a stomach bug. Of course, there are the [hopefully] many, many happy times with them ^_^

It's nice knowing these wonderful people have my back. They're also talented as heck!

Crappy weather spent with incredible people helps make the winter blues seem less severe. A nice transitional time into April....which included, sadly, a layoff from my big kid job. And so it begins: my time of official unemployment...

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