Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Inspirationally Uninspired

As of late, these are the feelings I've been harboring, albeit it's been a good week or so since my last solid post. {Okay, two weeks...I've been rather negligent with my oh-so-boring life it seems.}

Work has been rather demanding - and in between work, I'm sleeping and attempting at spending every possible second trying to be social to avoid loss of sanity.

Black&blue and ready to rock&roll at work.

I feel as though I've become stuck in this rut of feeling uninspired as I wait for the ticking clock to pass by, noting when I can finally take that leap of faith and drop things, willy-nilly. I have a plan set in place, yet have to abide by this countdown until the witching hour of life progression.

While life waits for none, it's imperative to have some outline of a plan. As much as I'd love to drop it all and travel the globe, ne'er stopping save to use the loo and sleep, I have to be somewhat realistic in the scope of the broader picture - finding fulfillment in a job that will take me far.

Often, when we're unsatisfied with where we are, playing this sort of waiting game, we're content with the mundane routine and slip into unhealthy habits of wasting the time we used to make productive by sleeping or stooping into oblivion in the form of a social media stupor. It feels almost like giving up to what is happening, taking the time in stride, but not actively doing much about the circumstances, succumbing to the numb feeling of having to wait on the calendar...

Time waits for no one, yet opportunities are as much as timing as they are luck - it seems to be a downfall of this generation to be too hasty to jump at the opportunity that flies by first, rather than taking a little time to think on the matter. As Treebeard told Meriadoc Brandywine, "don't be too hasty." And by golly, that old Ent was correct - we can't be too quick to conclude a decision without looking at the broader scope of things, forgoing the rationalization we so often conjure to justify such hastened choices. Eureka! A self-reflective epiphany!

Perhaps I shall revisit the Lord of the Rings in order to gain some further wisdom from the Ents and old wizened wizards - J.R.R. Tolkien had a knack for creating parallels between the fantastical and the future, modern take on life.

And when all else fails, be like a Hobbit and grab yourself a pint.


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