Sunday, April 24, 2016

Most Expensive Girlfriend

My sweet car, C3, is turning out to be the most expensive relationship in which I've been involved....and I thought dating myself was pricey at times {based on how much I have spent in traveling}.

After spending several paychecks' worth on y sweet and loyal vehicular love, she has betrayed me yet again....Superman and I only made it the entire journey to my parents' house thanks to his patient navigational skills.

Friday did not bode well in terms of my luck - perhaps I should consulted my astrological charts before such a big weekend...not that I'm particularly superstitious or wrapped up in my stars, merely a stargazer for the beauty of the night sky, but it seemed to be quite the plot of some twisted comedy.

Sometimes, how a day begins can set the stage for our outlook on the rest of the day....I somehow was suckered into working into the wee hours of that morning, under the logic that it was my Friday, so why not corner me and ask that I stay until 3 in the morning? I loved it! .........

My personal phone broke after I dropped it, like a dingus, due to my determination on carrying everything to the car in one trip instead of multiple; C3 decided to have a conniption going up hills which prompted Superman to test her internal issues at the nearest Advanced Auto; cue my near-concussion when we raced back to C3 {I nearly won, thank you}, which made the bruised back and cut-up wrist totally worth it; we barely made it home after breaking down about 25 minutes from home...

Mummy appreciated receiving this picture late at night...

However, despite this series of {now} laughable, to an extent, misfortunes, I did have the pleasure and joy of seeing one of my dear, dear friends marry the love of his life on Saturday. Just a friendly reminder that sometimes the "bad" things in life are well worth those moments of celebration.

Best wishes to my best and his lovely


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