Sunday, January 8, 2017

Content and safe

At times, I feel all too bogged down by the mundane repetition of the daily work grind and school, having to remind myself of the greater picture of the end is beginning to seem like a great rut with the same outlook on each day: same sh!t, different day. So many times, I have similar thoughts on a repeating loop on my brain. Everything is beginning to look the same to me: idiots with their idiocy as far as these eyes can see.

I'm slowly coming to the realization I'm becoming content with not living my life to the fullest, which, in itself, is a genuine nightmare. This, above nearly all, is one of my greatest fears: to waste my life not living it to its fullest, slaving away at work, merely putting in my hours as I make better use of my efforts to do well in school. While I do still care about what I do at my job, it's increasingly more difficult to not feel discontent as the rat race to catch up and be on alert 24/7 with minimal feeling of satisfaction or meaning...

Kitty snuggles amid the schoolwork and inconsistent work schedules make it all a little better - taking care of my peanut make these current feelings of stagnation a bit more better {and certainly more entertaining}.

He's keeping me motivated as I mix up my days with an increased effort towards working out...better habits to better myself and to help cope with the feelings of plateauing in life.

Purple hair, bold brows, and Bambi eyes. Ready to tackle this new year and work towards that greater picture and a more fulfilling life.

Loki is kind enough to help me look for my sanity when it seems as though insanity is kicking in from working odd hours and dealing with odd problems, day in and day out.


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