Thursday, January 19, 2017

Introvert City

An ambivert is someone who displays both qualities of introverts and extroverts. At times, these individuals need that alone time in order to recuperate and recharge as an introvert does, severing themselves from the physical outside world while sometimes allowing the virtual world a sense.

Although ambiverts may exude both types of qualities, introverts may show extroverted qualities from times to times. Much like other labels, there are stereotypes or "myths," as they are referred to in this lovely article on introverts, which go beyond the characteristics which categorize someone under a particular label.

Perhaps it is due to introverted tendencies which account for my love of solo travel. While others will limit themselves to only doing something if they have a partner in crime, I feel quite capable of running amok on my own - not that I am downplaying the fun that can be had when one has a fellow traveler, not at all.

Alone time grants one the needed mental boost in order to deal with the outside world. Sadly, I've found there still remains a stigma of doing things alone. The article profiles this quite well and brings to mind two questions the author asks: why is it still seen as socially unacceptable to do things by yourself and why is it always presumed that people don't wan to do things alone?

However, introverts will make time for good friends and support them full-heartedly. So happy I got to see my friends in Paradrei and Small Town Titans take the stage! A rock-n-roll show warrants some RnR attire ;)

Friend time is just as important as that alone time...solid, quality social time is not a terrible thing and can be much needed for a different kind of recharge.

While being alone is a key differentiator of introverts, Loki is one presence I never get tired of having. When I've been around people for too long, he provides the perfect companionship without the pressure of having to talk or act in any way at all...


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