Thursday, January 26, 2017

Motivation and Will

On this journey on which I've been embarking in order to return back to a healthier mindset and build the body confidence. Self-motivation when it comes to losing weight the "right" way aka starting healthy habits, exercising, and eating for fuel, not fasting for punishment....

Integrating new wardrobe pieces and clearing out the old things that either don't fit or don't make me feel good is a great way of metaphorically cleansing the mind as well.

This isn't the cliched New Year, New Me song and dance, of which I'm sure we know so well, but rather clothing myself in some new clothes mixed with the ol' faithful pieces - blending the old and new.

Shop Priceless has some great basics with a twist, such as their Eris tank with a halter accent. And totally took advantage of the big sale from American Eagle for some new black pants for work with a matching tan pair.

Putting in those long hours at work + homework on top of homework may seem like it leaves little time for sleep or fun, let alone the gym, but it's only made me better able to balance my schedule in order to make time to create those much needed endorphins at the end of a hard, sweaty session.

Kick Start may have become my alternative go-to pick-me-up when I don't have time to stop for a caffeine addiction a real thing? If that's one of my few vices, then I'm not too bad off.

Long locks with a tailored pants & pumps: can't go wrong. R2 is giving his quiet approval beside my dust-framed visage.

Nine West seriously makes the best classic pointed-toe pumps! I found these navy beauts when I was still at the old apartment, thrifting at the local little shop. While the insides saw a little wear & tear, the outers still remain pristine and one of my favorite pair.

A new pair of trainers can help in motivating one to get their butt back to the gym. Happy feet want to move!! Took these puppies to Planet Fitness after a wildly active shift at work. Blazer for business appeal + trainers for mobility.

The will to get myself to PF still remains a struggle. Part of the fight is getting there with an internal struggle occurring while I fret in the parking lot, feeling embarrassed or unmotivated to take those few, cold steps into the facility.

Superman has helped with that struggle - I often find it much easier to get out right away if he's training me as I know he's going to kick my butt and help distract my anxiety of merely working out in front of people.

Seeing progress pictures helps to keep me going as well.  These photos were taken three years apart. I was embarrassed by so many of my photos after I came back from studying abroad as I was so heavy...I had reached my heaviest point when I came back: 144.5 pounds.

I was ashamed of how I looked and more importantly, how I felt. After spending three of the most life-changing months of my life abroad, I was overweight and rather depressed, forced to find that drive to get me back on track.

Fast-forward from Xmas 2013 to Xmas 2016: down 30lbs with a goal of losing another 10.

I find it incredible how 13lbs can make a difference as well. Summer 2014, when I was running at least 4-5x a week versus January 2017.

Plateaus happen. Sometimes we have to trick our minds into getting creative in order to dig our ways out of the ruts and build ourselves back up, focusing on our goals and on the happy side effects, such as that sweet euphoria after a good weightlifting or HIIT session.


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