Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside...

Unfortunately, the cold rain has set in once again....but I refuse to be confined to pants!  Added a pair of pumps and I was ready to go out into the world (aka high school)....high school is like another world, though.  It is governed by its own set of agenda and rules and "royalty" with its rebels going against the "cool" norms...blah.
Set your own rules...make your mark...get ready to set the spark and stir up some trouble.  (NO, I'm not advocating getting detention or being thrown into alternative ed, or A-Unit as we call it)

Behave out there!

I'm saying to make it your goal not to blend in.

 Deviance of the day: wearing a tanktop...gasp!
Apparently we're not allowed to wear any tanktops now...lame.
Must have started this year??
Everything is covered and it looks classy...and since when has this rule been in effect? Hmm...
Messing around with photo effects...

One thing both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga has taught us is to be daring and to worry about pleasing ourselves...there's always going to be haters.  If we try to please them all, we'd have many more problems on our hands...
Life's too short to live it for other people.

Now please listen to and enjoy Secondhand Serenade! :) 

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