Monday, April 22, 2013

Tyler Hilton and Sammy Adams

Valley Fest was this weekend, so I've been on the run since 3pm on Friday eeeeek

Friday was the inauguration of President Lewis Thayne and the committee was invited. I only saw 6 of us.....but it was a lovely ceremony.
Until the rain monsoon. It isn't Valley Fest until there's rain!

Tyler Hilton performed with opening act Dion Roy that night. Sara and I hung out with Dion and Peter for most of Tyler's concert [and watched everyone's things in case they needed/wanted to leave the room].

Saturday. 5:45am. Wake up.
6:30am. On the move....what a crazy morning! So windy and chilly! But we made it with minimal troubles and only a few temper flares.

Sara and I are co-chairmen of children's activities so we had to make sure everything went smoothly....I'd say it went pretty well :)

En route to Saturday night. Sammy Adams!

We had two students groups open for him: Milo and Jesse Barki's band. Pretty sweet.

It was a fun night, albeit exhausting and started off crazy...a few issues with crowd control, but eventually we were done and could leave and rest our tootsies! least, that's what I did until going to the dance with some friends.

Yesterday, I definitely felt it all....ankle is still swollen from Dutchmen Day and I managed to bruise my hip and I'm not sure how...

It wouldn't be a typical day without me running into something haha
Laundry must attend to this. It's going to be a beautiful day today! 

*fingers crossed* there's no rain....

"Single doesn't mean I'm looking for somebody."

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