Friday, April 12, 2013

Lovely Friday

It is raining today....absolutely pouring....I love this gloomy weather. There's a glimmer of the sun peeking out. Standing alone in the storm, reminded of how far I've come, the smell of the rain....perfectly lovely.

Until my shoes become soaked. Gross feeling.

Favorites of this week:

My lovely nephew, Ranger! He's such a sweet ferret and how I miss him so...I have a total soft spot for animals. I often have more confidence in them than I do for mankind.

Missing being Daddy's little girl...and wondering why I'm wearing so much pink.
Why? Why did no one stop me?

This is what happens when one combines nachos, friends, and SnapChat....I'm not normally a big nacho fan, but those C-Store nachos are absolutely DELISH.

Tuxedo nails

Monday's cutesy outfit

Yes, I wore a bow in my hair.

Ahhhhhhhhh man! Tuesday was Dutchmen Day! Annual tradition at LVC where classes are cancelled and we're woken up at 6:30 to run around and find where the shirt tables are, standing in our respective dorm/house line, vying for a shirt! And then it's fun fun fun! Inflatables, activities, and yes, I did homework.

Ouch....inflatable burn. It's not nearly as bad as last year. Last year I went hardcore in those inflatable races and was badly skinned up.

Yesterday I had a presentation on expanding Louis Vuitton market share in Chinese markets and had to dress business casual. I felt pretty fly in this outfit. I would have loved heels but I did not have ones that looked right....and I tripped on a flat surface wearing flat shoes and rolled my ankle so it's not in the best of shape for heels....

Enjoying the rain! ....and my, just look at that CANKLE! Poor little ankle still swollen and bruised. I wish Santa would send me that bubble for Xmas. I've been asking for one for a few years now....
This weekend is going to be fun :) tonight's agenda: homework. Tomorrow: Washington, D.C. and the spy museum!! Sunday: homework....
Bugger. Enjoy your weekend! Don't trip on flat surfaces! ...or at least have someone to catch you. At this rate, I'm surprised I don't have a personal catcher...

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