Friday, April 5, 2013

Feel Good Friday

The sun is shining and it's actually warm today!! About dang time. I think Mother Nature was making a statement that she doesn't listen to a groundhog. And for the record, I do not like groundhogs...and that was before all of this. We once had a groundhog terrorize the neighborhood and he was not nice.

This week has been busy like whoa...but hey, I'm enjoying [for the most part and with some grumbling] what I'm doing...I like these subjects and doing well makes me happier than dark chocolate [and that, my friends is saying something]. I have to rely on the enjoyment of being a nerd since I ate all of my dark chocolate :(


Add this to your nerd files.

This was a short week....this was Wednesday's no pants day attire. Yesterday was a bit of a bum day. I dressed it up with red lips, but no denying I was being lazy.

My animal crackers were fused together to one MONSTER cracker!

All too's ridiculous the amount of gossip that travels even in college.
We are adults, people -_- 

I came across a wonderful quote..."be fearless when it comes to life and careless when it comes to what other people think and say about you."

Self-doubt is poison enough and hard to overcome; shut out those who aren't that important and keep close those who bring you up and make you feel better about yourself and your outlook on life.

Today's dress-for-success attire. It was finally warm enough to go with bare legs without looking like a crazy person!!

Quick little braid on the side. Add a very small pouf on top for a little volume in my crown and pulled up curled hair for a chic pony.

Epitome of nerddom. It's quite satisfying, not going to lie....the top was for my French exam and the bottom was a German quiz. Quiiiiiite thrilled :)

Have a lovely spring-like weekend!

And remember: when in doubt, add a belt. That was my motto this week.

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