Sunday, June 9, 2013

Second Week

The green in my eyes is peeking through the rest :)

Dressed up my look with a bow. Simple. Profesh. Chic.

Brown ensemble...rarity for me. I generally stick to black as my staple because it's so versatile. Louis didn't object the color scheme. He doesn't like to feel like an oddball...but I feel as though one can forgive the conjunction of black and brown when Louis Vuitton is involved. And leopard print.

Continuation of Tuesday!
Friendship dinner date with a good friend...wouldn't be complete at Fuddrucker's without one of their delish Oreo milkshakes...

Calories be damned when one is upset. Explanation later...

Wednesday...behind that smile lies sorrow...fake it 'til you make it sometimes. 

NOM. Manager brought in donuts!

Me...taking a picture of people taking pictures with the Welcome to Hershey sign. Don't worry, I was at a stop sign and it takes forever it seems to get through this particular stop sign. Perfectly safe, mama!

Perfect shopping accessories: Louis and H2O

Worked all morning...then told I wasn't needed for the evening shift, so I did what every responsible adult would do. I went shopping. Alone.

I was searching for particular things, however...birthday prezzie and cards for Father's Day for the fatherly figures in my life.

Received some whistles and looks at Taco Bell as I sat and ate my quesadilla alone...nice little ego boost, despite being slightly disconcerted. Seriously, what is attractive about someone eating a quesadilla smothered with hot sauce? No drink, of course. Go hard or go home when it comes to hot sauce.

And found a sweet $10 blazer at H&M. Epic bargain hunter.

Adult life....get on my level.

Just kidding! 

Summer song suggestions:
Give me love - Ed Sheeran
Downtown - Lady Antebellum
LA Story - Sammy Adams
Highway don't care - Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban
Forever and always - Parachute
I'd rather be with you - Joshua Radin
Into your arms - The Maine
What about love - Austin Mahone

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