Sunday, June 2, 2013

First of Many

June first...nearing the beginning of summer for grade school students. I remember those times...getting excited for the mundane to end so I could go to the pool or band camp or running outside and overall, just enjoying the tan from the summer days and relaxing during the summer nights.

First late night banquet at HCC accomplished!

It's been a while and many changes have occurred...I'm currently living with a 7 and a 10 year old for one, as opposed to a 19 year old. [My uncle lives here, too, of course!] I was literally home 5 days before I was off again...

First week of internship nearly completed....Friday morning

Small town girl moving onto big adventures! .....well....let's just say some things haven't changed. Last night I went to the movies and was home by 10:30. I swear I'm such a dorky 20 year old...I'd rather stay in and read or chill with my uncle than socialize with the public sometimes.

Welcome to the adult world! Tackling my full-time internship and a part-time job on the side. First paycheck today! Woot woot! I'm enjoying it and making more money than I would working the full-time job I've held the past two years.

Lab coats. All the rage. Get one.

And I'm being taught some gymnastics. And failing. Olivia is determined to get me to do a front walkover and a split. Ambitions of a 7 year old. My goal is to learn how to eggs Benedict and lose 10lbs. 

Made Oreo truffles....ambition

Last week I painted my cousins' nails....hidden talent.

Em's tiger print

Olivia's leopard print

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