Monday, July 15, 2013

And it's been a while...

This summer is going by so quickly!!

Interning is halfway over...I have 56 days until my flight to London...and working my butt off serving part time. phew

I have many many things to update on here....but that may take a while and I may seem like a camera-obsessed fruitcake with a ton of selfies.

But I do have some pics of some interning outfits! Trying to stay sleek and chic. get the idea haha.

I'm also trying to learn how to live with an 8 and 11 year cousin is currently dancing because she weighs enough that she doesn't have to use a car seat. Oh, these are the fun moments of summer! ....besides sunbathing and movies and Hershey Park [went yesterday, got burnt], ice cream [although that's great all year round], and of course, running in the sun! Wonderful feeling, drippy sweat and blood pounding in my ears from that last push to the end.

This was at Giant. Innovative people.

Suspenders and high waist and palm trees. Mash-up complete.
New shirt from AE! Woot woot!

Bowtie ftw!
This was the day we went to visit two of the PA Correctional Industries facilities: Mahanoy and Frackville. It was eye-opening...interesting.

Palm tree shirt again, remixed with a skirt and leather belt [C/O of Nana Magic Shalimar!]

The minions have landed.

1780s rifle
I went home for a long weekend for the Fourth of July. Fajer and I went to Fort Roberdeau on the fourth and then I grilled for Mum, Fajer, and Lovely. Hmmmm another love of summer...grilling.

If you're expecting to bring a flat screen up here,
you're gonna have a hard time.
I don't know how Colonial ladies fit their buns up here.

Hello, Fajer.
For some reason, I just laugh whenever I see this picture.
Must's funny.
PB cheesecake from Retro Eatery
Lovely and I went to Retro Eatery for a delicious late birthday dinner for Lovely. Mmmm.....

Bearded Girlfriend obviously loves me.
Two of my really good friends and I caught up over dinner and ice cream and bowling afterwards! 

Somebody was obviously happy to see me.

Polka hearts, polka dots, prints covered.

My furry uncle was so thrilled to see me!!
My Gramps's cat thrashed out of my hug moments after this...he refused to pose for me, although he's quite photogenic and will pose any other time. Way to be a diva, Jack. Way to be.

Tonight I need to catch up on my French lessons...I've been lagging on this app called Duolingo. It's actually pretty good with teaching languages! I tested out the German language on it since I'm fairly proficient there, and only mediocre at French...

It's thorough with explanations and the little game aspect makes it fun. French is more of a review since I find it more difficult than German, albeit it sounds prettier. I started learning Italian this summer. That, losing 15lbs, and learning to make eggs Benedict were my two big summer goals.

Must. Kick. Butt. At. Language. Now.

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