Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back to the States & Reality

The States welcomed me back with sleet & snow! Hello to you, too, Miss America. Sadly, it was warmer in Reykjavik when I left than it was in Baltimore, temperatures dipping down from the {heatwave} of 40° F in Iceland to the depressingly chilly 27° in Maryland. Yuck: slush and ice.

A relatively uneventful bus ride through Dublin city centre back to the airport, face plastered to the window to absorb every millisecond I had left of this beautiful city...I was not quite ready to go, my list of micro-adventures seemingly growing the more miles I put on my tan boots.

Nonetheless, I was in good spirits and made excellent timing to Terminal 1, keeping my cool so as to retain all of the chocolate smuggled {in plain sight} in my hand luggage. Hey, everyone has their vices.

I'll be talking about travel tips in the next blog post, here, and will be discussing travel attire, pros and cons of the sort.

Ha! I nearly forgot how much I love to be frisked at airports when I set off the metal detector twice....blonde moment: I had forgotten I had over £4.80 in the form of about 15 or so coins stashed away in my front pocket, tucked under my button-up and jumper.

Whoopsies... Security was nice about it as I stood awkwardly and complied with all instructions. Perks of looking like a 15yo, I guess...?

In Iceland, I was quite ravenous awaiting my connecting flight and thankful that the sandwich descriptions had English translations on the side. Sweet chili chicken sandwich for the win!

Einstök is also a new favorite of mine. Yaaaaaaaaass. Crisp and cool, this delish Pale Ale. Gull was so-so, but this beauty was smooth all the way down. I was still on vacation and not driving so it's okay to appreciate the finer {alcoholic} things in life once in a while.

5hr 55min flight from KEF {Reykjavik, Iceland} to BWI {Baltimore, Maryland, USA}. 5hr 55min spent attempting to sleep and do everything possible to make time speed up and to ignore the annoying American couple sitting next to me. I'm fairly certain the man took only about a 1/2 hr break from talking the whole dang time.

Flashing through my mind: you are the reason people don't like Americans and think us stupid and obnoxious.

On plus side, I had window seat for all four of my flights so nap time was more comfortable than anticipated. My coat made an excellent impromptu pillow for the many zzzz's.

America welcomed me back from abroad, once again, with shisty weather. Mother Nature certainly pulled out all the big guns for my return: sleet and snow. Thanks.

It was not nearly as terrible as the snowstorm through which Lovely had driven in order to pick up my emotional butt after my 3 months in London in December 2013, but it was poopy nonetheless. Luckily, I was in good company and in steady, superhero hands on the drive home.

Worse than packing is unpacking, so it's typically the first thing I do so the following day doesn't have a bad start....table properly covered, tell tale signs of a wonderful weekend, which only makes me dread getting back to the work grind all the more.

Flags: √
Gifts: √
Chocolate: √
Memories to last a lifetime: √

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