Friday, February 26, 2016

Days gone by & happy feet

Naturally, the past few days {or a week, give or take} since the last post have been a jumble, a blur, seemingly on fast-forward. Has it really been nearly 2 weeks since I returned from Ireland?? I guess working {seemingly} nonstop will do that to someone, delving right in after one hell of an adventure.

In between work and sleeping, I managed to have enough time off to be social and see friends! Hurrah! Still working on that work-life balance, I'm afraid, in between those 13-16hr work shifts >_<

In Netflix news, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is now available so I've been working my way through and have started back into yoga as a means of unwinding and attempting to get back in shape. And by started back, I mean I've done 1 session at home and am able to do another before work at this rate, I'll be bikini ready by summer 2017!

In happy news....I was so happy to find this dinosaur dress on Amazon to help make the long work days a tad bit more exciting. When working with children, dress child-friendly... Okay, maybe I dress in fun designs just for me.

Revamped with curls, what can go wrong?

While I generally stick to messy bun, ballerina bun, or some sort of updo to keep the whispies out of my face at work, curls felt necessary for a special sort of day at work this week.

Happy tootsies make for happy steps, eh? With many miles put on each shift at work, some of my flats have seen better days... Luckily, I found these gems whilst out and about and decided to treat myself. Eeeek shoe love ^_^

Side note: I've noticed this whole silly notion with the phrase "on fleek" out on the interwebs. What is this nonsense? Why can't we simply use terms which already exist instead of creating new, stupid ones which do not make one seem "hip" or "cool," but rather idiotic?

Yet here I am having bought a selfie stick in the name of taking full outfit pictures for my blog.... Hence why I took the Mickey out of myself with my first dingus selfie-stick pic in my favorite flannel.

Irony, non?

I've often felt my whole life was a conglomerate of irony and unadulterated comedy bits, some raunchy and some romantic, without the cheesy happy ending, but full of laughter, tears, nachos, and good beer.


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