Friday, March 4, 2016

2nd Amendment Target Practice

My Fajer instilled a respect and love for handling handguns and the skills required in order to hit the target where you want it to hit. Needless to say, when you've been going to the range since you were 9 years old, you pick up a few things, especially when you're Fajer was at the top of his long-range classes in the military. By far, I'm no expert, but I can hold my own against the guy known at the sportsman range in my hometown for knocking bulls-eyes with a slow-action trigger while sipping a cold one.

....which brings me to my range date with Big Bro. When he asked me if I was interested, it seemed a fairly no-brainer and sooo to the range we go, followed by noms.

Feeling like a BAMF.
I've shot rifles and other handhelds, but a 9mm just feels right in my hand. Mind you, I was a little off, adjusting to the different holds of Big Bro's glock and M&P and the VK {I think that's what it was??} rental.

Not too shabby for my first time in an indoor range. Lefty seems to be my preference as well as tends to have better accuracy... Oddities of an ambidextrous - some activities are equal, others are better performed by one hand over the other {get your mind out of the gutter}. 

Oh! And in other recent news: Mr. Hippy said, "yes," on Leap Year. He&I are going to be one power couple....even though he has no fingers and doesn't leave the house too often due to social anxiety.

Here's to silly rambling and nonsense on a nonsensical day.


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