Saturday, March 12, 2016


I've posted on wanderlust before, a bittersweet mentality which causes euphoria and excitement during travels, yet anxiety when the same-old, same-old routine has spun 'round far too many times without a change of circulation...

Albeit bed is one of my favorite places in the world, with a beer in hand, no less...{case in point depicted in IG post below}

...traveling remains one of my favorite activities - I can't truly call it a hobby as it's a way of life....traveling, exploring, leaving no rock unturned, so to speak...

As Superman just returned from his trip to the Bahamas, I could not help but reflect on what I have recently coined the "wander-dumps," the opposite of wanderlust after a rude awakening and return to reality after a grand adventure.

After London, I found myself spiraling into the dark emotional hole of borderline depression and anxiety, attempting to assimilate into a college and friend culture which had changed in my absence, with unhappy thoughts of returning from such a wonderful three months and also overweight, which absolutely crushed my self-image.

After those life-changing three months in which I had lifelong friends and made memories of which I never would have dreamed possible in my dizziest daydreams, it was hard to leave a city in which I had always imagined living. Leaving meant never again will life nor time be the same. Those lovely friends I had made during that brief time would never be together in the same place, same time, in that perfect blink of a moment.

After Ireland, going back to work the following day was not the smartest idea as I did not allow time to decompress, to unwind, and deescalate from the traveling high which fellow explorers can appreciate....

As I see Superman struggle with this after only a few days of "perfection" on his cruise, I see commonalities in our thinking....desire to go out and traverse the world, to have fun, to break away from the mundane. It's hard to see that in someone else when I know the dark consequences of not being able to cope with returning from the place of my dreams and hope-to-be-future-home.

The wander-dumps are quite real and can, quite frankly, bite. However, this is why we seek out companionship in those who appreciate the rollercoaster of feelings associated with wanderlust and adventure.

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