Thursday, March 31, 2016

Expectations & Desires

Life-planning currently in the works - with the lovely background "noise" of Hedley, Halsey, and Sia's latest albums and a brown bottle of Sam Adams's Noble Pils in hand.

With a medley of weddings coming up in the early part of spring/summer, that leaves not much time for travels, but PTO is begging to be spent as it accumulates in the virtual PTO bank, prompting me to start scheming planning a much-needed trip out of this death trap of sanity the same-old, same-old work grind.

A positive aspect of working at my current place of employment has definitely been the connection to my mentor - she's been a great help in my development as a manager and gaining confidence in leadership because, let's face, a lot of jumping into the business world {as far removed as I often feel...} is thinking on your feet and winging it until you make it.

Today proved a particularly enlightening conversation, albeit it only lasted approximately 26.5 minutes - a lot of ground covered in those few minutes from recruitment to employee retention to standing up for myself and not getting lost in the wilderness of operations management. She's right - being able to stand up, and needing to, say "no" sometimes is important, especially after constant shifts lasting anywhere from 13-18.5 {my new record, set last Friday into Saturday}. Crying from the burden of always needing to fill in and feeling I can't perform my own job is a commonality Jenn and I share - something in which she divulged today. It does not make us weak women for needing a moment to release all of the pent-up frustration, but a blaring red sign change is needed and that we can't always be Superwoman.

Starting out in new careers, we're expected to put our best foot forward, and why not? That's how you prove yourself that you're a cut above the rest and can handle more responsibility, that you have the drive and ambition to climb the corporate ladder - the American dream, per se. Yet, at what point do we forsake living for these career aspirations? When does the line begin to blur to the point where a job for which we no longer have passion and are only continuing for the experience begins to infiltrate our personal life and affect others around us?

And this is where not just my career turnaround comes into play, but the life-changer plan. With undergrad loans nearly paid off, it's time to start thinking about grad school and taking time to enjoy life - I'm too young to waste it in a position I don't love when there are other opportunities within and outside of the company. Starting with: social media marketing certification and SQL analysis, a revamp of my résumé, as well as a few trips with Superman to see more of this big, beautiful world.

The expectation is to work, nose to the grindstone, until we retire or die...but no, I want a job I love {or at least can tolerate all of the time, enjoying it most of the time}, a cat, more ink, and to see what this world has to offer - so much ground to cover today, but today's revelation and last night's yeast-fueled{beer} mental cog-turning brainstorm has me up-and-at-'em with positive vibes, ready to take on the world.

I'm nearly me again and realizing my potential. Coming back with guns blazing {metaphorically, of course}. I foresee happiness in my future and I'm ready to fight the candidate pools to show 'em what I'm worth.

A bit of light reading {said in my head in Hermione Granger's voice, no less}. Definitely worth a read, especially if you work with the public - you're not the only one dealing with idiots...they're everywhere.


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