Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Looking the part

Happy Ides of March! With the superstitious vibes associated with this day following the assassination of Julius Caesar, as well as the continuation of the disgusting display of campaigning of what social media has dubbed a strong semblance to Hitler....we'll leave it at that and let your imagination run rabid.

Moving on... ^_^

When shit hits the fan, you have to dress to impress {yourself}.

I know I've noticed that if I put a little effort into my attire, I feel more put together and ready to tackle on the world and the worst of the worst at work, especially when going in knowing that I'll be in there a good 12-16hrs.

Tulle & stripes are nice. It's the little things, eh?

And of course, I caved. I'll admit it. I bought a stupid ridiculous confusing selfie stick for outfit pics....needless to say, I failed at my first attempt at utilization. Never the less, I still tried...and there's always my full-length mirror, a $5 snag from Dollar General {woot!}.

I know it seems like I wear this grey striped jumper from the Dublin Penney's {Primark} all too often, and maybe I do have an odd habit of wearing new things a million bazillion times before they're allowed a rest in my closet...I've noticed my IG has quite a few pics with me in this and yes, I have worn it many a times, but I promise I rotate and wash it in-between!

I seriously love this skirt from Shop Priceless - perfect length and can take the typical business attire from drab to fab....eh. You get the idea.

For the annual birthday brunch for Mummy and Nana, I rocked the jeggings with a new mint green tank and my ol' faithful pink pinstripe blazer. Reminiscing about my first few months of blogging and featuring this gem. Going to hold onto this one...

"After all these years?"

....see what I did there, Potterheads?

To keep my sanity in check, I treated myself to a simple LBD from Target and made my way to a gig in Lancaster for a lovely little LVC-grad reunion and special acoustic performances by friends and new faces. Feeling preeeeetty fly, I must say. Black clothing has that effect on me...tranquil and looks polished and put together.

The little things in life, such as a favorite, now-seldom-worn, pair of heels on off-hours can sometimes be what brings us back up from the low points in a week.

A glass of Citrus IPA from Funk Brewing, snuggled up in a cozy button-up, certainly helps in bringing up morale at the end of the night, too...


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