Monday, February 15, 2016

V-Day & Walks along Cliffs

Today was my trip to the beautiful Cliffs of Moher. WOW. {No, not the airline on which I traveled.}

Not quite as early as a start, thank goodness. I felt myself quite drained after such an adventurous past two days. 10am start after a brisk walk down to the meeting place - the Abercrombie & Fitch store on College Green.

Our driver was a little pushy, but nice. We had a 4hr drive ahead of us with a brief stop at the Barack Obama Plaza {no joke}. A quick brekkie of fizzy bubble bottles {sour bottle-shaped gummies} and a Monster {absolute zero for the win!} and I was set to retire back into snooze position for the duration of the drive {sitting, in my case}.

The view....let's just say, this spot should be on one's travel destination bucket list.

Much mud. Few wanderers. Many struggles.

While there were quite a few people on the easy roads - the pathways without all of the clay-like sticky mud, going off and wandering to the more difficultly accessed areas was worth it for the view and the serenity....

Much tranquility and peace found simply gazing down and smelling the sea.

Obligatory traveler selfie, eh?

Looking down, I could see how one may be captivated by the waves and hear that irresistible calling played by the lapping water many hundred yards down below... A large stone with a dedicated inscription for those who've lost their lives at the cliffs made this moment all the more somber. One could easily be enchanted by such a poetic death... and while I certainly did not feel that urge to leap upon the clear blue H2O, I felt that if, for some ungodly reason, I were to perish on the spot, I would die a happy gal.

Ireland! Beautiful green lands and kind people. Constantly feeling pulled, as usual when I travel. I fall in love with lands and its people, fellow travelers I meet along the way, the food and sights and smells, and yet yearn for my bed back home and the lovely people I have in my life back home, wishing I could so easily combine every happiness into one little space.

Mais, c'est la and happiness is scattered about the globe for a balance and it also makes traveling all the more worthwhile.

Ending this post with lunch. Naturally.

No, ma, it's not alcoholic, albeit the ginger was quite prominent in very swig.


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