Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dating 101: Trust Essentials

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, whether that be with family, friends, significant other, and especially one's hairdresser.

With the drop of a few words or hidden pictures found through unkind ways with pure intentions, or unspoken plans later revealed, feelings can get hurt and emotions run rampart. When you love someone, it does not have to be unconditionally. There can be boundaries, there can be common courtesy rules, and one can have expectations.

Relationships should be a mixture of independence and co-dependence in the sense that each party should feel they are their own, unique individual capable of tackling the world one day at a time on their own terms, but having the love and support from the other for those moments of weakness or when a little reassurance that everything will be okay is needed. Each should complement the other half, not overbear or attempt to cage a free spirit.

Self-love, a difficult and taboo subject for me, is just as important as loving another. Without that ingredient, it's difficult to establish the mutual respect required between two parties. Fully appreciating oneself is just as crucial as appreciating the lovely people in one's life. Standing up for your heart is not the same as being combative or overbearing, but something that can strengthen the ties and help ensure both sides are happy, giving and receiving the love they deserve and crave.

Bottling it up won't help the situation even if it seems the easy way out.

Cats' love is pretty simple: they frolic about and alternate between grooming and kicking one another in the face, sometimes simultaneously. At the end of the day, the biting stops and they're love bugs and sometimes my sweethearts let me in on the snugs.

Understandably, human relationships are more complex, but I feel we make them unnecessarily so in comparison to fur babies. Case in point: I give Loki noms, and he gives me cuddles, win-win and I only receive the occasional bite to the face to remind me who's really in charge. I'm digging that kind of simplistic love because it works and doesn't leave a tear nor doubt.

When all else fails, coming home to kitty snuggles is never sad nor lonely.

A smile and new septum ring arriving in time for a good night with friends sure isn't sad nor lonely either :)


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