Monday, September 14, 2015

New town, new quirks and perks

It's crazy to think I've been in my humble little abode for nearly 5 weeks now - my own little 1-bedroom apartment with its picket-fence white walls and strange nightly noises, lovingly called Mon Petit Château {you can check the wifi}.

While I've stayed in the outskirts of town for the past two summers and from January until August with my uncle, I never really ventured into the center of town...preferring to go outside on other ventures.

As a natural-born explorer, I can't fight the urge to go for a walk/run, traversing and excavating the main pathways and the roads less traveled. My apartment building has a few interesting mere feet away...

Less than a hop and skip away down the back alley from my apartment is a beautiful display of graffiti art. While in America this is often viewed as degradation of public property {I honestly don't know the history of this shed}, in Germany, graffiti is considered an art, as this lovely piece.

Encased on all four sides, this little gem is one of my favorite landmarks on an afternoon walk.

Homeless Mike {whomever he may be} apparently has left his mark...

Hello? Yes. This is Dog.

New digs call for some new décor and of course, an alternate means of travel...for all of you Potterheads ;)

For those readers who may have read older posts, thrifting is one of my greater pleasures - finding treasures which have stories enfolded within their wrinkles and creases...

These soles have seen some sights {albeit they almost seem brand-new} and they're going to be seeing many more!

Adventures await for this relocated small town wanderlusting gal.

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