Monday, September 28, 2015

9-5 Grind

The Tree and his band have a lovely song to express the tribulations of work and juggling personal life during those off-duty hours.

As mentioned before, we work to live, not live to work. I whole-heartedly believe in this philosophy... I also find that if you love your job, it helps justify the long hours put in - sure, it's still work, but life is work, whether there's a paycheck for everything accomplished or not.

Nonetheless, after working a 50-hr week {short compared to many in this country}, a trip home was long overdue.

A trip home where my roots began in order to recharge on zzz's and Mummy's cooking.

Alumni band: a homecoming of all homecomings since my Mum took over my senior year of band 5 years ago. It's incredible; no matter how many years pass, there are so many happy faces willing to come back to take the field again and to relive that magical moment only experienced by such a performance.

Our good ol' Alma Mater was represented by graduates from as recently as spring 2015 and the whole way back to 1928 with the first ever drum major for our high school band.

Many memories shared on the field, and many more to come as alumni come back and as musicians continue to participate in marching band.

11th year of twirling with my bestie! We went through middle school and high school marching band together and reconvene each year for alumni band. Nostalgia in the extreme.... Muscle memory has not failed us yet!

At the end of the day, I'm all smiles. A long week and weekend - driving 3hrs to go straight to work is a little daunting, but I'm loving what I do and enjoying the free time I have to see friends and family.

Confining myself to one minuscule dot on the world map is not how I plan on spending the rest of my life, but life is a constant journey to see new things and meet new people, to grasp opportunities, and to take those chances/jumps/leaps which we might otherwise be scared to do.

Takeaway of the post: go back to your roots once in a while to remind yourself from whence you came and give your all in your work - it'll pay off and lead to even better adventures!

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