Thursday, September 10, 2015

When Business and Pleasure Convene

I recently had the pleasure and opportunity to travel for work - yes, my first official business trip. Little Jillian inside me was rather giddy with excitement and the badass boss bitch persona I take on to conquer the day was thrilled at the chance for training and to prove myself amongst the higher-ups during a conference call delegated to me by my manager.

Rocking the new Westeros map dress

Perhaps it had to due with my strong desire to travel {even to Philly area, which isn't all that far away} for work mixed with the hype of career-boosting training/tasks {it also didn't hurt that we started off the day with IHOP pancakes}, but I felt, overall, the trip was quite eventful and smashing except for one thing...

Traffic. Screw you, traffic. Next time, I'll be wise and take the Turnpike.

Little rant over.

In all honesty, adventures are fun, but I much prefer public transportation. Hello, 4-hr train rides!

Report-writing @2AM - it's like I never left school!
With training all said and done, a kick-ass report given to boot, I'd say it was quite a successful day. In reflecting from day one, the realization light switch has noticeably gone off - I'm confident in my ability and I finally feel that I know what I'm doing and talking about. That, my friends, is a wonderful feeling indeed.

My dreams are to travel for work and this may be the long as there are no more 4-hr drives for 2-hr routes in my immediate future. I'm not sure how well me arse can take that again.

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