Friday, September 4, 2015

On traveling.

Traveling grants a special kind of release and escape unlike any other....that total submersion in a new {or well-visited} environment with varying sights, smells, people, culture....whether it's the next town over or halfway across the world, getting out of town and exploring gives me that special high-on-life feeling.

I've found my anxiety will build if I'm stuck in-town for too long, keeping up with the seeming monotony of work and play, despite the fun times had during my time away from the office. I love running and reading, but my stress levels will increase just because I need to get away.

I'm a born explorer.

I've found my inspiration for new ink already....a commitment to myself to get the hell out when necessary, for my wanderlust and for my sanity.

As much as I love technology, turning on airplane mode {aha!} so I could still use my phone's camera and leaving the work brick behind for NYC made for one of the best days in quite some time. We all have our little ticks and a list of go-to's when life has us battered and bruised {well, life has me bruised most of the time since I'm clumsy}.

These are relationship goals....but also aspirations for my future. My dream has been to travel for work, but if that does not happen for some time, then I can at least make it happen on my own time.

A couple saved and saved and packed up their shit to traveled to 26 countries in one year! Kudos to them!!! And some inspiration to me - I think I have some of my life finally mapped out...albeit opportunities have a funny way of popping up rather unexpectedly.

c/o the Follow me to project
The Follow Me To Project is one I've been following for some about relationship goals ;)

In essence, I was sucked in by the beauty of the project and by the wondrous places they have seen and captured on film together.

A fear of mine when I was with Lovely was that financial circumstances {student loans suck!} and the constant tugging on heart strings with a lure to comfort in that small town would hold us back...silly me, for he was ready to follow me to the ends of the earth simply for a chance to see me once again {I'm a corny romantic, okay?}.

This beautiful couple achieved what he and I had once planned on doing - seeing the world with one's one true love...

Logophile, bibliophile, nomadic wanderer....I'm ready for the next adventure!

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