Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jersey - not for the faint of heart

New Jersey survivor.

I survived nearly a week in Jersey.

Recovering from a business trip which took me into Jersey....shortly before the Pope's historical arrival in the Big Apple aka the cause of traffic mayhem and pandemonium.

We're all a little mad around here.

All in all, good trip. I spent my time in Paramus and had to very quickly learn to adapt to the erratic Jersey driving methods and awkward turns and loops. It's perfectly normal to have to start in the opposite direction for a few miles before taking a loop to do a 180 back in the direction you were intending on going... a 2.8 mile trip took 10-minutes and that was in fast-flowing traffic.

That special white powder.

Add Jersey-driving to my skillz on my résumé.

It was time well-spent away from the office, though. I had the opportunity to visit a new hospital with a different layout than our account and pick the brains of a few new acquaintances.

Dinner for one, s'il vous plaît.

A little shopping and dining for my first night.

Shake Shack - yum. I'm typically quite picky about my burgers, but this was one heck of meal! Peanut butter shake for the win.

Loner loser ate in her room while she watched Interstellar and worked on some work reports.

The Suburban Diner offered excellent service - total wait time for food: 10 minutes from order to arrival in front of my hungry, utensil-armed face.

The Tuscan wrap and sweet potato fries tasted insanely delicious after a long day. The macaroon was much larger than anticipated {I was thinking more along the lines of the small French pastries} but so.dang.good.

I kept the rest for brekkie the next morning.

All in all, good trip. Looking forward to more adventures ^_^

Truth be told, I was quite sad to go...our business group made such a great team for the task assigned and they made wonderful company for the long hours we spent together!

Here's to many more happy days and getting back into the swing of operations at the Med Center.

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