Monday, May 2, 2016

Beer Meister

Beer connoisseur.

In jest I've said: I work to pay for the beer which I drink because of my job.

However, based on my Untappd account, this is not necessarily the case - I merely love beer, the mechanics and process of its coming to be, the smell of some good hops & bitters, and exploring the divine world of beercrafting.

Trying new things is not inherently a bad habit - one of curiosity and bravery to tease the palate with new tastes, delicious or not so much, according to one's individual taste preferences.

In accordance to this curiosity, I'm making it a summer goal of mine to branch out and explore as many breweries as I can as I feel I have only begun to scratch the surface of what these fine establishments have to offer.

Microbrewing is a staple in Germany with a majority of its restaurants having their own house brew concocted above and around the heads of its dining patrons. While I would love to take a spontaneous trip out east across to the magical Beer Wonderland, paying too far ahead on bills has put a bittersweet damper on the wallet - hurray to loans nearly being paid off, boo to not budgeting better for surprise expenses.

I do admit, however, I can be a creature of habit, resorting back to my absolute favorites such as Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy or the delicious new limited edition Redd's blueberry ale. The blueberry ale is new, though, so that counts as branching out, right? Otter Creek's Fresh Slice white IPA is fairly delish and was a new taste for my tongue earlier this week.

Thank goodness for the ever-resourceful Google for seeking places new adventures and stomping grounds...which I've found myself doing as I await anxiously amid the storm, perking my ears to hear the door creak through the din of the thunder, and contemplating the emotional swirl in my heart which my brain is always trying to unweave in order to understand.

Current reflection: that no one will see the tears you cry if they're shed behind closed doors, the ruined mascara saved for a private showing with the only viewer staring back at you in the mirror.

I guess it's rather fitting the weather is coinciding with the flaring tempers and upset feelings of those among us... As I sip my fruity-tooty strawberry wine, I'm feeling oddly at peace finishing up my thoughts and the adventure-planning wheels are whirling inside.

....and to all a good night.


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