Saturday, May 21, 2016

What's Wrong with Being Confident?

...naturally, Demi's voice started ringing through my head wie ein Ohrworm like an ear worm.

A business trip to company headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota for leadership training and development led to some serious reflections and realizations.

I felt increasingly more aware of just how much stuff I knew, especially when placed in a culminating group of adults who have been leaders with many years under their belts, some with resumes boasting of managerial experience longer than my personal timeline.

Feeling good in your skin
definitely makes a difference.

I love that little epiphany when you come to realize just how much you know when a presenter asks a question and all around there are blank stares and you solely have the answer, or a suggestion for an issue another account is having based on your relatively short amount of experience.

It's a bit scary and also empowering.

In leading others, it's not just about the confidence in yourself, but exuding that in order to convince others of your competency. The obstacles faced on a day-to-day basis build character and instill that confidence while increasing your knowledge-base, which, in turn, only reassures belief in yourself.

In between all of the training, there was plenty of time for some fun in the Twin Cities.

First stop was Mall of America.

Dave & Buster's provided a great time to get to know leaders from other accounts across the country and let loose the inner child in all of us!

I couldn't stay away....two evening visits to the second largest mall in the United States! And yes, I definitely rode one of the roller coasters while I had the chance!

A little retail therapy doesn't hurt ;)

An interesting week, well worth the long hours of travel. Many connections made, as well as beautiful sights seen and I sure learned quite a bit.

The best part? Having Superman waiting for me at the airport.


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