Monday, July 11, 2016

Flowers and shell-shocked kittens

Temporary halt on production....

Anticipation is mounting with the start of classes starting this week {have I mentioned how excited I am??} and also a bit sleep-deprived from all of the excitement of the past few days off. Hello, Breaking Benjamin & Disturbed!

Returning home from the long trek up to Niagara Falls, a little nap was needed, plus some snuggles with the babies before I went in for work on Monday.

It's always so tough to go back to reality after such a lovely time do you combat these reluctance to come back from cloud 9 of wanderlust?

Coming home to a bouquet of flowers and a note after running errands certainly helped! {perhaps less, or even in-, significant to some, but as I had never received flowers from a boy before.....}

Combined with these lovely roses, to tackle the onset of wanderlust blues, I've taken on a new warden: Superman and his grandfather found a kitty mumma and her kittens. This particular one made the mistake {or perhaps fortune} of being captured. Newly Christened "Theo" received a nice, long bath to rid him of dirt and debris and yucky fleas and then promptly took a nap all snug like a bug in a warm, cozy rug.

....this was after he screeched like a velociraptor and hissed so emphatically that he >popped< at the end like a big bubble. Poor thing sure was frightened and quite confused about everything and anything near him.

>what the hell is you doing to meh?<

<what is that thing in front of my face, large object restraining me?<

Eventually, he stopped hissing at me and making me jump....

>what are you doing, hooman? why are your lips on me?<

Theo is like many men: the key to their heart is food.

Little tiger was hungry and wouldn't eat from Athena and Loki's bowls so I hand-fed him to win his little heart over. Loki and Athena play so hard together that they didn't spend much time on whom they viewed as a little foreigner to them.

Hidden, fed, and {thank goodness} a quick learner at using the litter box, Theo was A-okay while I continued my time off with a crazy night of music in Virginia with some fun peeps.

Blurred lines of chaos and pure bliss - oh, how I've missed the rush of a brilliant rock show! Truthfully, I was a little bummed I missed one of Small Town Titans local shows whilst I was out of town as they seem to be occurring so infrequently as of late since they returned from tour....

...however, Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed {and a PokemonGo-entertained car ride to Virginia with some kickass people} was a fantastic show and I was quite thrilled to have been invited along ^_^

Here's to more adventures, rock shows, and kitty tales {tails}!


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