Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Two is Better than One

I'm well on my way of becoming a crazy cat lady....kitty #2 is already well-adjusted to my little one-bedroom apartment.

My jealous Loki bear did not seem to appreciate me bringing home a friend, especially after being so spoiled in my care. Poor baby had to be locked out of my bedroom so little Athena and I could sleep....

This little nugget left a nice present on my bed right after this picture... Kitties aren't without their surprises.

I'm hoping these two muffins will become the best of kitty friends...after the sniffing and hissing is all finished...

For now, nap time is about the only thing they can agree upon, but at least it provides a bit of solace while I spend time snuggling these two babies and making them play nice.

Miss Athena is all about snuggles and giving kisses!


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