Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Marathoners and their spectators

Richmond, VA

I was ecstatic to be cheering on my uncle at his most recent marathon in the quaint little town in Dixieland.

We stayed at the Quirk Hotel downtown, v. mod former department store-turned decadent night quarters {posh yet?}.

It was, indeed, quirky {too much?} with its character-rich building and minimalistic décor. The shower was pretty rad, too, with the European-style half open, half glass-enclosed and it had a nice, warm stream with just enough pressure that it felt almost like a light massage on my ever knot-infested shoulder blades.

For more info.

Unc did well - he kept his pace steady, not pushing too hard for any record, but wanted to complete for another inked tally. Man's got ambition and a strong self-will for his's his way of breaking free from the world.

We all have our methods of sanity retention...

Such a beautiful day out! A tad brisk, but minimal wind and so many people cheering on loved ones and strangers! I love the atmosphere of everyone coming together to support others.

Naturally, I was all bundled up in flannel & style. Not pictured: two pairs of socks, heavy scarf, gloves...all of which were stripped off after having to run back to the run at the conclusion of Tom's run so we could hold the room while he showered.

Best of traveling: seeing new places and knowing my love bug is waiting for snuggles when I return.


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