Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Snuggle Bunnies

Those who know me well know there are two things of which I cannot get enough:
Kittens & snuggles

When it comes to my particular fur baby, his love is what sometimes gets me through a tough day, realizing I will be coming home to his sweet cuddles and warmth at night. As the outside air chills with the season, these cuddles are going to be extra cozy come bedtime.

Loki and I have had quite the adventure in our short 5 1/2 months together, but one can get to know someone particularly well, especially when spending the majority of our time together, whether it be conscious or snuggled up in dreamland.

Loki has taught me patience and has granted that firsthand experience of being responsible for a being other than myself {goodness knows I'm much better at taking care of others}. It's rather fascinating how each of the sweet kitties I've helped raise have their own personalities and tendencies.

Loki is always down for a little photo op!

Loki was thrilled about my lame attempt to give him substitutes in my stead while I had to go to work for the better part of the day...

While I know I never want to have human children of my own, I can't imagine a home without my Loki poo waiting for me to come home...I'm sure most pet owners can relate in regards to their fur babies.


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