Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloweenie Birthday Girl

I've made a commitment to myself to do something crazy for every birthday since my 21st in Paris. For my 22nd, I treated myself to a{n early} bday prezzie of seeing Christina Perri onstage when she opened for Demi Lovato. Nobody likes you when you're 23, so I hiked it to Chicago and Nashville for a long, solo bus adventure. This year: skydiving.

As much as I would have loved to have gone to some exotic far, far away place, but, alas, had to be somewhat practical and realistic with the pile of homework and being short-staffed at work, which all added up to something more local.

Loki waited up with me to ring in a new
year on planet Earth at midnight
Woke up early after a late night {like I was going to catch more than a few winks of sleep anyways} and drove the hour, hour and a half to the plane hangar where the aircrafts and professional skydivers were awaiting to fulfill the rush the adrenaline junkies were craving.

I did a free fall of 5 stories; what was jumping out of a rickety plane over 2 miles above ground?

The wait was well worth it! The view was incredible and quite a smooth ride as we glided down in tandem. Definitely recommend doing it at least once!

Afterwards, Superman and I went out for Halloween - I was super pumped to wear my Sweet Pea costume and embody the BA character from Sucker Punch. My thigh-high boots were a nice touch, albeit I wasn't bleaching my hair again...

Miss Athena McFee, warrior princess kitty
Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love playing dress up and people watching to see some of the creative ensembles put together. It all adds to the fun!

On Halloween day, I had the morning off, so Loki and I were both kitties until I had to wash my nose off to go back to the work grind...

Loki was eating up allllll the love and snuggles he was getting! He was also digging my kitty cat bodysuit from Meowington's since it gave me better mobility to chase him around the apartment and play to his little kitty heart's content.

All in all, great weekend - a tad sad as we head into November and are one day closer to hearing dreadful Xmas music long before it's appropriate and the inevitable PA snow.


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