Saturday, November 19, 2016

Yeah, I guess that's my church

Two days. Two concerts. Several great artists.

Part of Sissy's 30th birthday prezzie in April was a screenshot of the tickets purchased to see her all-time favorite artist: Keith Urban. She's met him, seen him countless times, and this time, he was taking the stage again, and with Maren Morris and Brett Eldredge.

Girl has some pipes! Played my faves and some I didn't know :)

Mr. Eldredge had some great visuals, but nothing over-the-top, keeping the show primarily about the raw talent he possesses. Strong performance!

Oooooh yes! Sissy and I were singing/screaming along when he took the stage.

Stupid sissy's favorite song and his concluding piece.

I love the hype at country concerts. {Hate me if you must.} People are typically quite pleasant, a bit rowdier, and overall makes for a great time.

The next night, Superman and I were Baltimore-bound to see one of my all-time favorites: The Pretty Reckless!

They performed at the Rams Head Live with openers: Them Evils and Holy White Hounds. The room was packed with people, but we managed to get some decent floor space and had a lovely view when Taylor took center stage.

My gurrrrrl!

Superman and I were a tad bit tired the next day, but all worth it. Taylor put on quite the show and I was feeling good in my attire, dressed to the nines for this babe.

Looking forward to future adventures as I've missed Baltimore!


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