Thursday, December 1, 2016

New hairs, news, & new gigs

Red hair dye is great and all...but my one gripe is that it fades all too quickly. After the {failed!} attempt at going blonde, my hair has had particular difficulties holding onto color, but I thought perhaps a nice purple-y hue would look nice?

I'm partial to my red color family, and found one with a supposed darker purplish base. The color was lovely, albeit....well....

My boss asked if it was supposed to be I was diggin' it and, quite frankly, was just glad it wasn't the weird color going on, albeit it almost embodied that trendy rose gold color scheme that is so popular and I received several compliments for my accidental locks.

In other news....I have joined the Teen Hearts Modeling family...and loving this cozy long tee! Guess I can add that to the résumé?

Loki dear is continuing his campaign of mischief and snuggles. Mr. Loki was tickled pink on being spoiled from his grandfurmummy, who loaded me up with ham and turkey and goodies for this growing fur baby. She may not have met him yet, but is already smitten.

He's a cutie....and a terror. Goodness, I love him unconditionally, though, even when he wakes me up at 5AM for sh!ts and giggles.

Home all of an hour or so and he's already on the time-out shoulder.

When Loki was a kitten and would start acting up or getting into things he shouldn't {imagine that!}, I would throw him over my shoulder to calm him down while I got ready, one-handed. He's knows I love him but mean business when he's over the shoulder as so.

Fur baby had surgery to remove his front claws....I cried. While I don't believe in essentially handicapping kitties, my overly rambunctious kitten was destructive to many things and has since calmed down...

He received SO. MUCH. LOVE. and snuggles during recovery. We took many naps when I could spare the time before and after work. Snuggle bug was reassured he wasn't in trouble, but that it was for the better and more peaceful living. Little stinker can now have full reign of the apartment {aside from my sissy's room since she'd go into allergic shock if he was too deep into her business.....}

So....this picture...I caved. I chopped my long talons off.

Yeah, I purchased the iPhone 7. It's okay, but my nails are doing well now. The one painfully ripped off.

I'll be living off of eggs and ramen as I pay for phone, two trips coming up, and bills. wooooooo


Happy late turkey lurkey day!


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