Monday, December 26, 2016

a blue xmas without you.


There always seems to be this great build-up to the holiday season, with a tendency of people forgetting everything in between Columbus Day and Christmas Eve {how rude to downplay Halloween every year!}. Stores begin stuffing their shelves with red and green around the same time they're hanging up various polyester blend costumes on the racks.

Loki was certainly not in the holiday spirit as we spent Xmas Eve Eve together attempting to make the apartment spotless for Mummy & Fajer. Not quite sure if he was just sick of me or having to pose for cute pictures to send to various people.

In an effort of being a better friend and get into more of the holiday cheerful spirit, I spent the greater part of the night with my dear friend Nicole, enjoying good beer, delicious food, and lovely tunes. Tree was playing at one of my former favorite haunts in E-town, Funk Brewing Company.

My holiday tradition of waking up on Xmas in Victoria Secret flannels was broken as I rang in holiday at work, covering two-3rd shifts Xmas Eve and Xmas night. Fairly slow nights, but gave me some more appreciation for those working in emergency positions for which there are no true holidays - sickness doesn't stop for presents or cheer.

Loki wasn't feeling the cheer and was against his bow, but was patient enough to pose for a picture with his bow on his wrist. He couldn't stand it on his collar.

Luckily, he was more than willing to take time out of his day to snuggle up close to me while I rested in between festivities and work. I'm guessing all the lovin' from my parents really tuckered my sweet fur baby out. While we didn't get the most sleep, they were quality cuddles.

Naturally, I had to document {more for myself than anything} that I was able to dress up a bit in between donning the UHS polo and khakis. Cleaned up fairly well with minimal sleep, no?

Santa deemed a was a good girl this year: beautiful Silpada earrings from Sissy & some bling bling from Superman. Feeling grateful I could spend the holiday with these two, as well as friends and family <3

2016 is coming to a close, but it was one of many blessings amid the trials and tribulations.

Loki poo got some snuggles in with his favorite auntie while I had to bite the dust and head to work for the night....Loki's first Xmas was a success!

More to come ;)


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