Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Is it too late to say sorry? / Baby, now we got bad blood

L'amour est doux et belle

The Sorry X Bad Blood cover by DNK is stuck in my head.

>Flashback to when I had the pleasure of working with them when I served as President at ValleyFest<

Quite fitting...and a nice segue into...

Outdated dating faux pas:

  • The one who cares less holds the power
This is a rotten way of looking at any relationship with someone, whether it be in family, friendship, or more. The only time "power" should come into play is whether someone has enough muscle power to help me move my shit because I'm a weakling.

  • Holding back feelings {to avoid being hurt}
This is just plain silly. Yes, many, many feelings can be undoubtedly protected from being hurt, but also so many wondrous feelings which would not be explored otherwise.
  • To not have basic expectations
It's impossible not to have some sort of expectations. Don't sell yourself shortly, nor expect too much of someone either. Be reasonable as you'd want on the reciprocal end. If you want non-committal, then expect non-committal.

Communication is key in everything: work, relationships, even with your pets or food {make that banana know that it will end up in your tummy and to stop giving you lip}. Set boundaries and declare a few expectations.. ex. is Netflix & chill legit Netflix & chill or is it the not-so-innocent innuendo meaning?
  • To accept neglect/less than you deserve
See above....and also, have you seen Perks of Being a Wallflower, or at least not read the book nor seen the movie, have heard the overly used and wildly popular quote: We accept the love we think we deserve.

If you believe you should be treated like a bag of poo, then by all means, allow it, but me thinks we'd all like to be treated like royalty from time to time, or at least like we matter and are special, especially in times when we feel much like a wallflower, blending in with our surroundings.
  • If they don't respond within the hour, they obviously don't like you
Obviously, they're not that into you. Obviously, you're jumping to conclusions.
  • Grand gestures are corny and cliché
Being that often willy nilly romantic that I am, I find small gestures are my go-to for showing my affection, platonically or romantically. Cooking or baking for someone shows we're on the next level; cooking has always been a way my Mum shows she loves us, making our favorites when we come home, and it's something I've picked up as my own habit. Sandwich-making, that is revolutionary as I will only willingly make a sandwich for three men, two of which are my Fajer and grandfather.

Grand gestures, on the other hand, can be corny, but they're those wild, sweeping actions to show you truly care, or that you know you fucked messed up and have no other feeling than to explain, make them see you're raving mad about someone so you drive to their house like a crazy person in the hopes they won't call the cops nor think you off your rickety rocker...

A grand gesture could be simply putting down the phone when you're constantly glued to it for work....providing your undivided attention to show they are a priority even amongst the hectic responsibilities required at work.

And now some accurate advice in a clichéd Internet block of text on a solid background to make it look as though it is a godly decree:

Admit your faults. Fess up to your sins. And when needed, ask, is it too late now to say sorry?

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