Monday, December 7, 2015

Heed Caution, Take Care

With hectic schedules and desire to care for everyone around us, we often put ourselves to the wayside, neglecting basic little routines or maintenance-keeping. Today was spent doing little things to pamper myself and actually put some effort into my appearance, and getting dolled up for the heck of it.

Today would have been Grammie's 89th birthday and it needed celebrated with good eats, sissy hugs, and dreaming of the wonderful, kind, and vivacious woman that she was {okay, I spent half the morning ugly-crying, but that's beside the point}.

Eyebrows freshly plucked; pores duly unclogged, extracted, primped; old nail polish removed; YouTube videos on makeup technique watched and absorbed; newly gained skills put to the test.

Bright, sunny day as Grammie's spirit lives on, making today especially vivid for her birthday.

I opted for curls on curls and my new Shop Priceless crop top paired with my never-fail ultra-high AE jeggings. Incredible: it's December and nearly warm enough to go without a jacket....nearly.

Found these lovely boots at the thrift store down the street and I've been relying on them heavily to complete my {hopefully} BA outfits.

The end results: little loop curled into the wild curls, falsies {the last time I attempted these was senior year of high school, and Lovely had to apply for me}, eyeshadow {something I've avoided until today}, Star Wars lippy...

Quite pleased with the results.

While I did not really have anywhere I needed to go, I put this look to the test with my errands and a visit to see my Nana later that night.

Sister date warranted the Dragonite tee, so a swift change was in order! A stay-in night with pizza, beer bread, questionable&slightly burnt brownie bites, and Cranberry blush wine. Can't complain.

Grammie would always offer us good noms and Pap Pap would let us taste his wine, so in a way, we're kicking off her birthday shin-dig in a way she would have definitely approved ^_^

i carry your heart
i carry it in my heart

Happy birthday, Grammie. I miss you. I love you. I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places.

*waterproof makeup is a lie as mine starts to leak down my face*

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