Thursday, December 3, 2015

VIP Status

As unofficial spokeswoman of Small Town Titans, a title which I have granted upon myself and have since had approval from lead singer/bassist, Tree, I felt it rather necessary to include a post on their recent show in Hallam, PA {so happy I could finally attend a show since Halloween}.

After a lovely time in my hometown of peace and quiet, I was ready to be social and partake in social interaction, an activity I can only handle every so often with my social anxiety and relatively high levels of introvertedness.

To be the Small Town Titans' unofficial spokeswoman, one must dress to the nines aka like a BAMF rocker chic. Heelless heels + my new burgundy velvet skirt from Shop Priceless completed this look.

Even with the extra 5+" with my heelless heels, I'm still shorter than Tree....go figure.

Makeup on pointe with Star Wars lippy, curls, and a fresh coat of nail polish.

The guys did a phenomenally on stage! So proud of these rockers! They're doing what they love to do, pouring their heart and soul into the music they live and breathe....that, ladies and gentlemen, is rather inspirational. 

Tree: a lovely picture taken before the imbibed fans took the stage....literally. I guess they have that effect on people.

Oh, Jonny, your hair is always ace. The Beyoncé fan helps, I'm I've said before, I wouldn't mind having a Beyoncé fan follow me around for Instagram pictures. Knowing my luck, my hair would just look like a tornado swept through, aka every morning.

STT has such raw talent. They pour everything they have into every set, whether they're playing for 7, 700, or even 7,000 people. No backtracking, no froo-froo, no gimmicks, these guys are the real McCoy.

Okay, maybe I'm supposed to say that, but I wouldn't unless I genuinely meant it.

They're going somewhere.

Altogether good night spent with good people before a long, stressful shift at work. But this is why we have time off, non? Batteries recharged from time spent at home and at a sweet little venue to get back on track for work and kick butt.

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