Friday, November 27, 2015

The Force Awakens: A Lippy Review

As someone who used to avoid lipstick years ago, I now see how it has enhanced my otherwise washed-out, vampire-tanned face and added that extra pizzazz needed to complete an outfit.

I do realize, in the wake of terrorist attacks {Pray for Paris}, makeup and hair and clothing all seem rather insignificant and vain, but in spite of such atrocities in the world, we should still retain some of those froo-froo habits and interests, for when we cower down in fear and relinquish all pleasures and enjoyment, that is whey "they" have won.

I try my damnedest to refrain from international affairs and political views, not out of ignorance {the world fascinates me, and out into the world I aspire to go...}, but feel this is not the place for such matters with so broad an audience. We live in times when the next generation {and even my own} is coddled relentlessly and mediocrity is the new standard as expectations are lowered and lowered...

But I digress per usual...

With the release of the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, CoverGirl got extra creative with its new line, inspired by the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.

Naturally, I was of my favorite movie empires coupled with my new-found appreciation for lippy and its powers over the past few years.

While I was home, I picked up two shades, surprised my hometown Wal-Mart even carried the collection.

Silver #10 & Dark Purple #50, shown above, respectively.

The silver was a bit thin, but left a pretty sheen. I may utilize it to mix things up a bit or for a special occasion.

The purple, however, da-yum. It goes on so well and slowly fades to a purple-y rouge after a little wear and tear. As long as lasting, this color lasted all day, from morning until night. Evening was when I noticed the more rosy-hue, but even when I removed my makeup at night for bed, quite a bit came off.

These two are my go-to's: Wet 'n' Wild's Black Orchid 508A and Revlon's Wine with Everything 525.

They're both a deeper hue than the typical rouge, albeit the 525 is bit more red than the former. While both provide excellent coverage for several hours, the CoverGirl dark purple has them both beat.

While some lippy will become cake-like even with proper moisturizing prep before and during application, all of the aforementioned stay on evenly. I have noticed I need to reapply both chapstick and lippy with the 508A and 525, though...the chapstick adds moisture but does not take the pigment with it when applied on the dark purple as moisturizer is needed later in the day. thinks the CoverGirl will be making a luscious debut tomorrow at the rock concert....

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