Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloweenies on Halloween

Perhaps it's due to my being born on trick-or-treat night, but I quite love Halloween. To me, the whole month of October is Halloween, and November is simply Halloween hangover month until Thanksgiving, during which no one shaves, followed by December aka avoid everything Xmas-y until the 24th.

Priorities. Obviously.

Halloween ├╝ber alles.

The long train rides took me back to the shady Harrisburg station, and I even made an acquaintance! A lovely person named Kevin kept me company as we traversed the whole way from Nashville, TN with same destination in mind.

We rolled up to Harrisburg at the ass crack of dawn promptly 10:13AM, where we were shortly accosted bombarded by a drunk man who insisted we were both "pretty," but that I was "prettier and [he] liked me better because [I'm] a girl." eeeeek

No matter, no matter....Kevin and I parted ways as I dodged bushes and eventually the cars in the green-lighted streets to make my way to the Small Town Titans' bus waiting for me in the parking lot in which they found themselves after trying to find the pick-up zone of the Greyhound station.

By that point, I was quite elated to be walking again and relieved to see friendly, non-threatening faces and swiftly caught up with some of my adventurous stories before curly up on their futon as they delivered the rest of their crowd-funding bundles.

Before I knew it, we were at Ben's house for {yucky} coffee - only yucky because the smell alone makes me feel queasy - and off to Hagerstown, MD for their Halloween show.

While I haven't the photos to prove it, my eyeliner looked quite bangin' despite applying on the bumpy band bus.

Several bands opened for the night and my buddy Nolan Neal was there as well. *insert giddy girl dance as he remembered me*

He did not disappoint, albeit his set was a bit drawn out: quite loquacious onstage for his set...

STT put on a great show and stayed in character with {aside from the actual playing and singing part} as the Trailer Park Boys, a trio from a Canadian trailer park in a show bearing the same namesake.

Seemed quite appropriate they would embody a group of shenanigan-causing misfits as they wreak havoc on stage their mad skillz. {Yes, with a 'z.'}

All in all, good way to end the solo birthday adventure before I was taken home...quite sad to say goodbye to these three goofs as they head back out on the road just as I was getting back.

Kick ass and leave your marks wherever you go, guys!

Oh, and kidnap me for a leg or two while you're at it...

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