Monday, November 9, 2015

Roundup of Days Gone By

Once again, time is getting the best of me, passing by altogether too quickly, which is both good and bad.

I have been up to a few productive things {please see my post on lazy productivity}...and I consider catching up on sleep and improving my cooking abilities to be two of them. I also consider showering daily as being productive on one's day off because let's be real, that can be a chore - I have a lot of hair on my head that needs conditioned!

I digress as usual....

I've managed to stomach doing a little Xmas shopping for my bestie. For someone who can't stand Xmas carols until December 24th and gets quite irritated seeing tinsel and garland prior to that same date, that is quite an ordeal. {No, I do not do Black Friday shopping either, unless my Mum wants accompanied, but only because I love her.}

Lots of hair & attitude - perfect for a Parisian day off, non?
Aside from that, cat-sitting for Tree {considering this as a future career}, helping my sis pack for her new digs, working, and sleeping, I'm a boring lady...

My snuggle buddy; neediness and cuddliness at its best.

Max & Jax: on the warpath for pets and snugg's.
Mais regardez!! J'ai fais les nourrritures! C'est quelque chose, je pense....

For those of you unfamiliar with English traditions....Guy Fawkes Day, or Bonfire Night, was November 5th. While I am no longer in the UK, much to my chagrin, I could not resist a bit of English-ness in celebration {albeit by accident}.

I nearly forgot about this wondrous day until I was divulging in my crumpets and mango chutney {thank you, Wegman's international aisle} and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

My stomach was trying to tell me something with its cravings for an English brekkie...or I was simply feeling peckish for 'shrooms, eggs and carbs.

Experimentation {that sounds kinky....} is often the best way of cooking, I've found. Case in point: late-night hunger from forgetting to eat since lunchtime calls for a light late-night meal and one a bit creative considering I haven't had time to restock the fridge properly since my birthday hiatus from real life.

Ta-da! Simple pimple pizza using Pillsbury low-fat buttermilk biscuits. Low-fat plus veggies and pesto makes it healthy, non?

The things I tell myself so I can sleep at night....

Since I've started salivating from looking at these delicious pictures, I'll share a few songs I've enjoyed this week, thus proving I'm not totally out of sync with the world. I'm currently reading a book on quantum theorems throughout history and the world's acceptance of the uncertainty associated with such matter, so that's something worldly...

I shall leave you with that, kind readers. Auf wiederlesen!

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