Friday, November 20, 2015

Love and that 9-5 Work Grind

....or in my case, usually 11-11:30, or whenever called for assistance and/or physical help.

Once again, this week seems to have slipped by; hours, blood, and sweat {no tears!} into work to help the shifts along. One week closer to Thanksgiving, which is already starting off on an interesting start as my Mum is none too thrilled that I will be traveling home after work on Wednesday {fingers crossed for leaving early}.

At times, work gets the best of me, resulting in stress and worry that I'm not giving my all and perhaps that's why things go awry. I don't feel I'm the center of the sometimes clusterfuck that is work, but merely I'm not taking enough preventative and responsive action to contend with such clusterfuck, or simply not doing enough as a leader as I should be as I try to ensure the team on duty is fit for service and aren't stressing out themselves...

Kitty snuggles make a great start to the day

And with all this, feeling as though I'm stumbling in my career, I stumble in that twisted realm of "feelings" and "like" and "love," while struggling with finding time to sleep in order to rest my brain from all of the directions in which it's being pulled from all aspects of my life: family, friends, dumb heart, career, wanderlust, compassion for Paris, fear of terrorism, etc.

Thank goodness for Hello Giggles and its wondrously thoughtful articles to lend a hand for relevant, open-minded perspectives... In the wake of figuring out who the hell I am {goodness, I sound so dang clichĂ©}, I turn to HelloGiggles as I absentmindedly scroll through my FB feed, not truly engaged with what's going on in so-and-so's life, this person's new baby, this rando-couple's engagement photos, the blah-blah-blah mundane social media in between crises.

On that 9-5 just to stay alive.... -BeyoncĂ©
Dress cute for work for improved performance and spirits!

As I've always struggled with that balance between hard-fact reality and my whimsically, fantastically romantic heart, I find the L-O-V-E articles particularly interesting, furtively saving these gems for late night reads before passing out in bed, another day gone and another night feeling exhausted to the very soul.

Some of my recent favorites:

  • A couple shared a journal for a year, which reminded me of when I went away for Uni for the first time, excited and fearful of what the implications would be for Lovely and I... It was a way to keep in touch and note the little, seemingly mundane, details which often get swept under the rug from all of the excitement of merely hearing someone on the other end of the line. It's a wonderful idea for friends as well, to take the time to write about the day, an outlet to say all the things which couldn't possibly be squeezed into a 45-minute phone call, or an instant message conversation.
  • This beautiful couple, who stay connected across their 7,000 mile stretch through social media and creativity - experiencing life "together" through their joint Instagram account. Beautiful. Heart melting.
  • And this little boy, who spoke out against a man who was verbally harassing a young woman as she was out for a jog. As a woman, this resonated, as my friends and I have experienced this countless times. Cue: Bye Felipe, postings from encounters with f*<kboys.
  • Best for last, eh? Or last one for those feeling particularly in touch with their tear ducts: breaking up while you're still in love. When things aren't bad....when your heart bleeds for someone, and despite all of the lengths one would go for this person, it leads to a puddle of tears, worn out sneakers from trying to run away from inner thoughts, and a new-found appreciation for love, whether it comes from a friend, family member, or SO.
Hello Giggles is quite delightful....and I shall leave you with these articles, and this gem. I'm constantly hunting down new artists with whom to fall in love {metaphorically- and musically-speaking}.

OH! And of COURSE: Adele's new album is out. Yaaaaaaaassss.

Listening on repeat before I succumb to zzzzz.

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