Friday, November 13, 2015

Antisocialism at its finest

"The ever-creasing weight of responsibilities that enmeshes our lives keeps us locked into the system. We become the pulse that keeps the beast alive, but the cost is our own lives. The natural world around us shrinks, crushed beneath the suffocating might of work."
-Fennel Hudson

Finding time to be social and physically interacting with friends is mandated and dictated by our very own sanity, for only then can we truly be free from work....a valid excuse to unplug from the demands associated with our careers. While we owe it to ourselves to set away for a fresh recharge, it is all too often that we don't feel as though it is justified unless people about whom we care deeply are involved, i.e. friends and family.

Thank goodness for understanding managers who realize the importance of unplugging and postponing non-urgent items for days actually spent in the office. I'm realizing more and more how involved a management position is, and potential future business endeavors may be, and it's quite unnerving in a sense because I want to work to live, not live to work.

Comfy pants for long hours: check.
Realization of this weekend: I hardly did anything but sleep and work, and work some more, and nearly wore myself out into a puddle of exhaustion on the floor. With books piling up, unread, expeditions left untravelled {is that a word??}, albeit making plans for my days off certainly helped get me through. C'est la vie, la vie de travailler, non?

Although a bit of a loner introvert with some extroverted qualities {when necessary *shudder*} who is prone to social anxiety and the occasional fainting spell, getting out of the apartment for little bouts {in between work, sleep, working at home, and travels} has been a great means of refuel.

One of many items cast aside in the donation piles...
Many hours were spent with my sis, packing and moving all of her shit her belongings to her new digs. Since college, I've attempted a more minimalist approach to things so seeing how much we had to pack out of that small bedroom was rather jaw-dropping, but also cleansing as we also hauled away bag after bag of garbage, recycling, donations, and items for selling.

Hours spent purging her room and rekindling the relationship with one of my favorite people to roam this planet...

A whole night with friends, pizza, beer, and board games reminded me just how secluded I've become, using my work schedule as an excuse for my unavailability {to some extent, this does hinder}. It's all in how we choose to allot our time that dictates the work/life balance... holy cow, revelation.

As the weeks fly by and I have the occasional nightmare of something catastrophic occurring to someone I love {screw you, scaredy-cat brain}, realizing how all too often I've simply let work take over or wasted my free time doing not much of anything but wait for life to occur.

We have just as many hours as Beyoncé so we should use them wisely. Mental note to self.

Speaking of efficient time's already past 11 o'clock and I have only left bed to insert contacts and make a semi-healthy pb banana smoothie for lunch meeting @12:30. Nbd.

Okay, maybe I'm wrong....maybe being antisocial and staying in bed all day is the life after all. Warmth, Mr. Hippy, books, and phone charger within reach...bed is hard to leave sometimes.


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