Friday, October 30, 2015

KU, where are you?

Roll into town, Step off the bus, Shake off the where-you-came-from dust
-Crazy Town, Jason Aldean

Nashville, TN : where many bands call home and owe to their roots...and here I was, taking in all of the sights, sounds, smells, and sunshine, and looking for a 24-hr diner. I was hungry after rolling in @6AM Central Time.

I left Indianapolis early that morning, a better feeling of sentiment with the city as it looked so gorgeous lit up in the wee hours of 3AM. The last time I had stepped foot in the city was 7 years ago to march in the Indy 500 parade, a parade I hardly remember as I had been sick to my stomach and lucky I even made it through without incident {almost hit a kid in the head with my baton, though hehe}.

I think the caption says it all...caving to my slight addiction, but hey, I could have worse vices.

The Batman Tower loomed in the near distance as I walked from the Station to the Hermitage Cafe in search of soul food and wait for the attractions I wanted to see to open their doors.

Hooray for 24-hr diners!! The Hermitage Cafe did not disappoint. Vegetarian omelette, home fries {hash browns}, and rye toast {lightly toasted, just how I like it}. This charming little diner was the first stop of many and only a short distance from the station.

I decided to see the city all by foot to truly absorb everything it had to offer.

I may not have been to Athens yet, but I can now say I've seen the Parthenon, at least a replica... With my shadow as my only companion, I walked over 2 miles to see this beauty across town and stopped for a 21st-century selfie with the majestic piece of architecture.

A mix of grace, and some controversy: the Homo sapien in its true, all-nature beauty. I'm digging the carefree nature of the statues. Sure, they're statues, but zero fucks are being given that sense of wild abandon and pure joy instilled in their faces was pretty wonderful to see.

.....aaaaand maybe I'm thinking too deeply into this.


Stopped briefly to try and pick up Keith Urban for my sis, but, alas, he was nowhere to be found.

In sixth grade, I had an embarrassing taste for music: slight obsession for Jimmy Buffett, combined with love for Elvis and Evanescence. Those 3 artists are repeat for days.

And yes, I did have a delicious margarita from Margaritaville ;) It was called the Who's to Blame margarita and it paired quite nicely with the quesadilla.

When traveling, I find I hardly notice I haven't eaten much all day until I finally stop moving. Then I'm ready to devour anything and everything in sight.

Pit stop at the Coyote Ugly bar. Unfortunately, it was too early for much company and so I got to hang out with two Coyotes! Pretty sweet ladies ^_^

The road trip back seemed to take longer, but I think that was only in anticipation for Halloween and the night which lay ahead: picked up by 3 awesome dudes in a tour bus and sleeping on said tour bus's futon until we arrived at their Halloween gig and dancin' me arse off down front like the rebellious Sith Lord I was dressed up as...I digress.

There's a dichotomy of thought on public transportation: in the US, public transportation can mean a large city or as a means to get around for those who either cannot afford to or simply choose not to have a car, and is often thought of as a bit dingy, while in London, it seemed, and even the EU, public transportation is the way to travel for day-to-day or vacation.

Personally, I quite prefer public transportation because I like to be lazy {ha!} and not be bothered with driving, which can be a real pain. I quite miss the Tube and even the bus system in Kingston-upon-Thames and in good ol' Surbiton. I'll take someone carting my butt around anyday...

C'est mon jour...

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