Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Belly, Warm Heart

Powerful words. Imagine the possibility?

In an evolving virtual world of selfies and increasing self-centeredness, it is also one full of increasing self-consciousness, hiding behind the camera lens to mask the insecurities... but there's always something we like about ourselves, no? Whether it's a small brown freckle hidden under our arm or the multiple colors displayed in our eyes only to those who look closely enough, any little bit of love counts when combating insecurities trapped inside our heads.

Whether it's physical or intangible elements, if we were borderline obsessive about these wondrous traits we love, we could eventually focus on the whole beautiful picture, and further push our potential, achieving even more than our dizziest daydreams could fathom...wild.

I've made a goal of telling myself one thing I love about myself each and every day, happy or sad or lazy mood. Today, I love the way the little formation of brown freckles on my right arm which form an upside-down J - my first and last initial.

New H&M crop top; thrift store booties (woot!);
ol' favorite skirt from 10th grade: all ready for the world.
My outfit was also on pointe, so that helped boost my confidence as well. Lapping up these last few warm days while I can! Hello, bare vampire-tanned legs!

My fedora completed the look, but as usual, last minute pick-up as I rushed out the door for much needed grocery shopping. $.66 avocados were calling my name, as well as some lettuce and 'licious chocolate.

{I'm sorry, fellow drivers, who may have been subjected for the disgusting way I inhaled that small cookie dough chocolate bar}

I may have a slight obsession with cooking now....Mummy would be so proud! Taking simple ideas and running wiiiiiild. Ain't nobody got time for recipes...

There is a fabulous website called Supercook which I may be utilizing when I'm too lazy/busy {if that makes sense...} to go grocery shopping and am down to a few last, random items. Eggs are fairly versatile, as are veggie burgers and there's always rice or Ramen on hand. *drooling over the last Ramen meal I made*

Healthier, shmealthier. Let's be real, veggies are typically cheaper and I'm too lazy to cook meat so my laziness pays off in making healthier decisions easier.

If only I could resist the temptation of sweets...they are vegetarian after all...

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