Monday, October 5, 2015

Women's clothing sizes make so much sense

As many women are in the habit of doing, I prefer to try on clothing, especially pants, before making such a hasty purchasing decision. I'm indecisive on clothes and will mull over my decision about 5x before finally placing the item back on the rack, having convinced myself it is not flattering or just isn't my color.

Even with more frequented stores, such as AE, I find myself in the constant guessing game of what size to pick up.

Men's pants sizes: cut & dry. Inseam & waistband.

What psychopath came up with the way in which women's pants are measured??

Yes, psychopath.

I'm constantly reminding myself of the need to purge my closet, only to conveniently never make it to that particular ticket item on my to-do list because I hate the hassle of doing black dress pants are in some need of trying-on and donating which ones do not fit.

Why my pants don't make sense, a review:

  • Dockers, size 4R: too short, taut {in a lovely, flattering way} across my bum
  • Express, size 0: falling off of my hips, but contour to my bum in a nice way,  a tad long
  • No Boundaries, Jrs. size 3: loose, a tad too long
  • AE Jeggings, size 2: all depends on the day, quite frankly, either fit or are too loose
  • Hot Topic jeggings, size 0 & 1: fit niiiiiicely
Mind you, I only post sizes for comparison; on any given day my size fluctuates, c'est la vie.

True, I could invest in a tailor, but I'm 22 and these dress pants are for running around a hospital, so it's no matter to me as long as they don't fall down. It's no wonder women feel added pressure to fit into a particular size. One size does not, indeed, fit across the board.

Size is relative...measurements are more precise...

Does anyone else have problems with their pants?? Yet another reason I prefer to simply not wear pants. Boots & socks are good enough for brisk weather.

Long live the pantsless leg season.

And Happy National Taco Day!

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