Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mystics in New England

New England in the autumn is quite beautiful - still a bit warm on this particular adventurous day, albeit worth the few small beads of sweat from driving the 5+ hours for a gorgeous views offered by these small towns.

The drive itself offered some pretty scenery once I got through Jersey. No offense, but I have a slight vendetta against that state....erratic drivers, cops included, and roads which do not make comprehensible sense.

Crossed a few things off of what I jokingly refer to as my death-wish bucket list; items I would be quite A-okay with never accomplishing in this short life.

  1. Drive on the PA Turnpike - what is so great about this mundane shit?
  2. Drive on the Jersey Turnpike - fuck that noise, never again
  3. Drove through Manhattan - *Bert stare*
Pure madness. But then again, aren't we all a little mad around here?

Pit stop for pee break, leg-stretching, and much desire snack.

On TripAdvisor, a few insignificant reviewers were bashing this old-timey bridge, stating it was boring and only exciting if one has never witnessed a drawbridge raising and lowering...yes, it is a boring occurrence, but it's a charm to this small town.

*I also almost got caught on it while allowing an old couple to cross in the crosswalk, during which they stopped so they could stare as the crossbars began to move downward, signalling the bridge was going to raise soon...*

View from the pier: wow, wow, wow.

After a few pictures, it felt great to put my phone away, ignore the world as I lapped up this picturesque village and let go of the worries of work and life.


Holy cannoli, Batman.

The Mystic Sweet Shoppe was rather delightful in fulfilling my sweet tooth pangs of hunger. Belly, heart, & soul happy, and Superman's chocolate peanut butter fudge tucked safely in my car to keep from melting.

I found this lovely bar downtown in Westerly, RI after a brief stop at the Clydesdale, Tavern, which, by the way, does not offer food, much to my chagrin. {Holy commas}

84 Tavern happened to be the bar which opened first {quite surprised so many did not open until 4 or even 5PM...} and had a delish lunch special going on which I could not ignore after shoving money into my gas tank.

For a while, I had the place to myself, conversing with the bartender and trying samples of the local brews:
  • Mystic Bridge IPA
  • Grey Sail Flying Jenny IPA
  • Allagash White Beer
  • Couch Surfer - no me gusta
With heavy heart from having to leave such a beautiful area, I walked out {after paying, of course} and made it back to my car for the 6hr toll-less drive back because in all honesty, screw toll roads and driving through NYC.

The drive home was just as pretty as the one back, albeit a bit daunting with the long stretches of mile after mile of highway and drowsiness attempting to set in...

New England states have all been visited now. Bucket List item complete.

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